Birth Control


Birth Control: Use various techniques to control the birth

Today medical science has proved lots of successful treatments which were not in earlier process at all. How the medical has reached and earned its popularity in the world for various treatments it is too miracle but always true means the medical sciences have made the thing possible from impossible. Similarly, today we see that in one family there are many children and giving birth to the children not only headache for the parents only rather, the entire work has been suffering from this trouble. The contraception is used as many devices, agents, drugs, sexual practices and also the surgical process and these are all used to prevent the pregnancy or in simple language these entirely utilized for the birth control. Contraception assists the female plan and when the parents want to give birth to the baby.

Birth control comprises from more than one action, sexual practices and devices and also could be done by the medicines often. There are basically three types of birth control that help to prevent the pregnancy that include contraception helps to prevent the fertilization of the women ovum by the men sperm cell, secondly contraception helps to prevent the fertilized eggs from embedding that is the pills must be taken at morning and third or last one is the chemical or surgical induction that directly goes to abortion but actually it is not even, right decision. Even, apart from these there are many steps are provided to control the birth system.

Traditional ways to control the birth system

Celibacy or sexual abstinence – this means avoiding penis-in-vagina intercourse to prevent pregnancy.

Earlier there was different system for birth control where the celibacy or sexual it defines to ignore the penis into the vagina interaction to stop the pregnancy.

Withdrawal, it means when the man avoid to make the sexual relationship to prevent the pregnancy. The sperm will be not deposited into the vagina at all.

Modern ways to control the birth system

But today the method for birth control is completely different where the male condom that is the safest process as well as also helps to prevent the pregnancy in women. This technical device supports the male and female both and it also helps to stop the sperms going inside the vagina.

Female condom also works as same way that holds the sperms entering into the vagina as well. Doing this helps to prevent the pregnancy in women.

Sometimes the pills also help to prevent the pregnancy but in actual ways it causes the side effects among the women so, it is the best to do not take the preventing pregnancy pills at all. Even, the abortion is also illegal process to prevent the pregnancy. So, better for the parents to make the family planning and only keep one or two offspring not more and provide them all the facilities and services with proper manner and also facilitate them entire facilities what they require exactly. In such a way the birth can be controlled by doing the family planning too.

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