Cold Flu and Sinus


Cold Flu and Sinus: Follow the instructions and get rid of from these common ailments

In sometimes in our life we are not even, fit always small things are keep happening in your life where we actually get the cold flu, sinus and many other little kinds of fevers that is affected to the children mostly. Even, most of the children every day are affected by this common cold flu and sinus but whatever you have to actually get over from this common cold flu. The flu is commonly called as influenza that is virus. When any person who gets flu coughs or sneezes that occurs into the air even, you should know about it that the viruses always found in air and that virus enter into your body, As the virus enter into the persons’ body or attack on them the you feel sick that is known as cold flu. It mostly attacks to the kids and children as they play and roam most of the time outside during cold time or sometimes they are get affected because of the polluted air too.

The symptoms of Cold Flu: 

  • Fever (generally high)
  • Headache
  • Muscle aches
  • Runny nose
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Chills
  • Feeling exhausted
  • Dry cough
  • Diarrhea

The three types of influenza or flu viruses include:

  • Influenza Type A – It is the common type of virus that causes the serious outburst in the past record.
  • Influenza Type B – It is the less type of flu than A one.
  • Influenza Type C – It also causes the infectivity inside the lungs same as the common cold.

Antibiotics do not help to cure the flu:

Antibiotics are the common medicines which are mostly required in various diseases where it helps to keel the bacteria from entering into your body but actually it is not like that rather, this antibiotic only kills the infections that come from the bacteria. The flu is the viral infections that cannot be cured by the antibiotics medicines. As you take the antibiotics medicines to fight with flu illness that is the wrong conception of the people as well as it will be harmful for your health too. So, antibiotics are those medicines that kill the viruses such as cold flu and the bronchitis infections. So, you will be suggested to take the advice by the doctors for recommending medicines for the cold flu.

How you can stay fit and healthy and prevent this cold flu: 

  • So you should never take the antibiotics unnecessarily fort the cold and flu because these medicines do not function at all.
  • You should never take extra antibiotics.
  • Must complete your antibiotic instruction as you feel better than earlier.
  • Must clean your hands regularly to stop the extend of germs.
  • Must talk to your doctors regarding the use of at right method.

In this way the colds flu and sinus can be cured as well as you start following these entire instructions so, you can be safe from the attacking of the cold flu.