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If you are determined to build your body like the muscular guy on TV, creatine supplements are for you. They have drawn a lot of attention in the world of bodybuilding thanks to their outstanding effects on the body. Anybody serious about muscle building may need to supplement his body with creatine. It helps to extract the maximum from your workout. It super charges you.

Athletes and body builders around the world make the most of these supplements. When taken under recommended doses and as per instructions they produce brilliant effects on the body.

What do they do?

  • They fuel up your muscles to perform rigorously at the gym.
  • They support development of lean muscle mass.
  • They increase strength and endurance of muscles.
  • They provide a burst of energy to perform harder at the gym.

What is creatine?

Creatine is a natural acid produced by the liver. It supplies energy to each cell of the body, especially muscle cells. Healthy human body contains an average of 3-5 to 4.0 grams of creatine per kg of muscles. The body can store up to 5 grams of creatine per kg of muscles.

Meats and fish contain the highest amount of creatine among natural sources. You can get 2-5 grams from one pound. However, when you subject your muscles to high intensity workout creatine gets depleted and you need more of this acid to maintain energy. Supplementation is a good idea.

Research and creatine muscle builder reviews suggest that this product is beneficial in giving body immediate bursts of energy and helping to increase muscle mass.

How does creatine supplement work?

It works in two ways.

  • It provides energy so that body builders can work out longer at the gym. Bodybuilders on this supplement find it easier to increase their workout intensity and time. The formula supports in muscle buildup.
  • It supports gain of muscle mass by charging muscles with ATP or Adeno Triphosphate. The supplement increases endurance of muscles for power performance at the gym.

Salient features of creatine muscle builder

  • The supplement is safe and legal. It is used by body builders across the globe.
  • Each capsule of creatine muscle builder contains 4500 mg of creatine.
  • The formula contains no additives or synthetic substances. The formula only aids in the natural production of this acid in muscles when they need them the most – during body building.
  • Users notice a considerable increase in their muscle capacity within weeks by consuming 3 capsules of the supplement every day. You must take one at a time.
  • The supplement promises users a ripped, robust body with super strength and power.
  • The supplement is found to provide quicker results than other products in the market.

Any side effects?

No. Creatine is produced naturally in the body. The supplement does not supply anything artificial to the body. It only sees to it that muscles maintain high levels of creatine for heavy workouts at the gym.

However, you must consult a doctor before starting any kind of supplement.

People with high blood pressure and those suffering from other chronic medical conditions must consult a doctor before using creatine muscle builder powder or capsule.

You need to drink a lot of water while on this supplement, as the formula tends to draw water into muscle cells. So, dehydration could be a concern; but body builders particular about their water intake face no such problem.

High amounts of creatine may lead to kidney and liver damage. So, you must use the supplement strictly as instructed within the dosage limit. It is wise to get your kidneys and liver tested before starting this supplement to ensure your organs are in perfect health. This is because liver and kidneys diseases hardly produce symptoms in their early stages.


Generally, users of creatine supplements take 20 grams of creatine per day for 5 or 7 days. This is called “loading phase.” Then, they come down to 2-5 grams per day. This is called “maintenance phase.”

However, you must take this supplement under supervision of your trainer. Loading is not compulsory for every body builder to gain the benefits of this supplement.

It is seen that caffeine reduces the amount of creatine absorbed into muscles, while insulin increases it.

Benefits of creatine muscle builder as per reviews

  • It helps to increase muscle size: When body builders supplement their bodies with creatine water content in their muscles increase. This makes their muscles bulkier. Over time, it is found that the supplement can increase fat-free muscle mass. With higher strength and endurance, body builders are able to give more time on their workouts and indulge in more intensive training. This results in considerable muscle gains.
  • It enhances athletic performance: It is found that athletes on this supplement become stronger and faster. They are able to perform high intensity activities.
  • It enhances protein synthesis in muscles: It is seen that body builders on creatine muscle builder supplement are able to lift heavier weights. This is due to higher protein synthesis in muscles. Although creatine is not directly related to increased protein synthesis, according to research, it increases available supply of energy or ATP for better muscle contraction.

How to get this supplement?

You must always buy supplements from reputable companies. This ensures safer and legal formula, which is produced in labs adhering to set standards. Always buy from official websites of the company to avoid getting duplicate products.

Moreover, you can avail yourselves special offers and discounts from official websites.

Creatine supplement is in the good books of doctors and fitness trainers across the globe. The trick to reaping the maximum benefit from any supplement is to use it and not abuse it. Creatine muscle builder reviews are piling up on the internet. They are found to contain success stories of body builders who were able to achieve the desirable ripped-off look easier and in a shorter time than expected.

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