Excessive Sipping Teas Cause Bone Diseases


As we get up at morning so we begin our morning by sipping the tea as well. Tea is the best morning deal to our life that really gives us full of energy and we get active when you take small sips of teas at all. So, tea is the best liquid to make you active and dynamic towards your works and jobs too.Some of the people who would like to sip the teas frequently and take tea within few hours always. But in new research it has appeared that too much tea can harm the people as they can be affected of bone diseases.

Like a lady of 47 year old named Michigan woman got bone diseases that is hardly seen in the United State after she drank too much tea that she every day drank minimum 100 tea bags regularly. And this was done for 17 years constantly. It is said by one of research reports. That woman when visited the doctor when she got severe pain in her arms, lower back and hips too and this has been happened for five years.

When that woman got the X-ray then there it is shown that the areas are affected with dense bone disease on the specific spinal vertebrae and also on the area of calcifications of ligaments that is occurred in her arm and it is said by the researcher Dr. Sudhaker  D. Rao is a physician at Henry Ford Hospital as well as he also expert in endocrinology and bone and mineral metabolism.

The researchers also have doubted the woman who had disease skeletal fluorosis that is a bone disease that is caused by taking more fluoride. This mineralis found in tea and drinking water too. The patients’ bloods levels that are of fluoride found that it was four times higher that is even also considered in normal way said by the researchers.

Even, the skeletalfluorisisis common in the worldsthat is normally found in high levels of fluoride in drinking water and in some of the regions including India and China but it happens very rare in the counties such as North America and Europe too.There are low levels of fluoride which are mixed in drinking water in the country of US just to stop cavities but these are not even,much higher adequate that can cause fluorosis.

It is said by Rao that too much fluoride is removed from the body through the kidneys but if anyone receives more of it as the patients also performed just by the drinking tea many times. Then the fluoride turns into the crystal and accumulates on your bone.

In some of the cases the skeletalfluorisisis caused by taking lot of tea drinking that has been found in the reports of United States. In these ways the fluoride accumulates, by and by it goes away and the bones repair again. This process occurs often in your body. So, the e people who are more habitual of teas so, they must stop it and take it just one or two time in a day.


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