Five Ways To Lose Fat And Gain Muscle


You may be aspiring for a great body and spending many hours at the neighbourhood gymnasium to look fit and fabulous. However, losing fat and gaining muscle is a long term activity and you would need to keep some basic facts in mind to achieve your fitness objectives. Some of these are mentioned below.

Set a goal and work towards the same

The first and foremost way to losing fat and gaining muscle strength is to set your goals in black and white. First off, you would need to know how much body fat you want to lose instead of fantasizing about that perfect body.

This goal setting would give you the motivation to do the necessary work to achieve the same.

Drink adequate quantities of water

Make sure you are drinking enough water that is used in all the physiological processes that the body undergoes. The water in your system would facilitate fat loss and enhance the effects of your fitness training over time.

Opt for smaller meals every day

You can keep your metabolism efficient by opting for six or more smaller meals a day instead of three large meals. This would induce your body to burn off the food faster and more efficiently, which, in turn, would lead to fat loss. Make sure you do not skip meals altogether, as this would give a signal to the body to store fat for crunch times, as part of a defense mechanism.

The protein intake in each meal needs to be on the higher side to ensure proper muscle building. The idea is to get the maximum amount of calories from proteins and the least from fats.

You can also start taking FDA approved body building supplements from Crazy Bulk to build muscles and lose fat. The reviews about the products from the brand available online are mostly positive, which is an indication that the products deliver on promises made. In one such review, a 30 year old male bodybuilder shares how the regular intake of a product from the brand helped increase muscle mass and facilitated weight loss.

Opt for cardio exercises, atleast four times a week

If you are serious about burning calories, you cannot overlook cardio exercises. A best practice is to engage in around 20 to 30 minutes of cardio workouts for atleast three to four days a week. You can start by warming up your body and then opt for an intensive session for around 20 minutes. You can then cool down for the last five minutes for getting the maximum results.

Cardio sessions are known to increase the metabolic rate in the body over time, which will help you burn calories even on days you have skipped doing them altogether.

Start with weight training, three times a week

Opt for weight training exercises, under the supervision of an instructor, to add muscle to your body.


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