Get To Know Why Your Fad Diet Don’t Work Up To Your Expectations


“Discipline is doing what you know needs to be done even though you don’t want to!”

Yes, and this discipline is needed in each and every aspect of life if you are willing to achieve some concrete results. In the context of bodybuilding, the element of control is even more pivotal. We all are aware that diets are the most important part of the transformation process and most of us fail in achieving desired goals due to the lack of regulation in our meal plan.

We always wonder why the so-called “Fad Diet”, is not working on us while the same plan is doing miracles on others. The simple but bitter answer is the lack of discipline in your regime. Others regulate themselves in a better way; not leaving any scope for negligence while most of us compromise.

If we look on to the general trend, most of us try some unique diet but aren’t able to carry them and due to lack of self-restraint, ends up where we have started or even-worse than that. Please don’t get us wrong; discipline in a diet doesn’t mean starving or doing any crazy eating stunts but having a sustainable and long term regime.

In this section of transformation, we have tried to list some reasons behind the unending failure of crazy diets and possible solutions for the same. So let’s jump right into it:

#1. We rely on Celebrity Diet Plan

Remember zero carb diet, Gluten Free Meal, Soup only regime?

And the list goes on. I am sure; in one or another part of life, we might have tried some crazy dieting plan. Most of them are inspired from our celebrities who are literally impossible to carry for a longer period of time. We pick these celebrated dieting designs quickly and at the same time left them in the same fashion- if not even more hastily.

Do you know why?

Usually, diets that are heavy on promises are lesser on science and logic. They are hard to carry and can produce only short-term weight loss. They’re only good for a season like for vacations, wedding or for a beach party. They are just meant for a certain period and for a certain look or role.

For a brilliant outlook and original stuff, you need a more disciplined diet which is flexible enough to work on. Experts say that if you’re not able to keep your diet for 3, 6, 12, or 18 months then you need to move on to some other plan as it’s definitely going to fail.

Now you can see that it’s not really about the plan but the discipline and willpower to stick with it.

#2. We take Small things for Granted

“Calorie Count is the Key to transform!”

Yup, we all know this universal truth but in this “count process”, orderliness is still required. Let’s understand it with a common example:

Though we’re pretty conscious about carbs intake from vegetables but when it comes to chewing gum, we become- skeptical. We think that those 2 grams of carbs will make no difference but having them three times a day and eating veggies (which are necessary for health) will make a difference.

Now you can sense that why your diet plans are not working up to your expectations. It’s all about regulation and self-command that makes the difference.

#3. Discipline is not Starving

“The toughest part of a Fad Diet isn’t watching what you eat. It’s watching what other people eat!”

Yeah, fasting doesn’t mean discipline; controlling your temptation while seeing other relishing pizzas is the real self-government. You will be shocked to know that starvation sometimes works just opposite to what you want.

Let me explain how it acts negatively:

It’s a human tendency that after a period of fast or semi-starvation, we literally rush upon foods and result in overeating, and eventually gaining extra pounds. In some cases, it has been seen that the human body reduces its metabolic rate and stores those scarce calories as- extra body fat.

So a disciplined body is that who can sustain a moderate rate of fat loss and not that indulges itself in extreme calories restrictions.

#4. Give yourself a break and don’t strain in the name of Dieting


Many of us after putting some serious weight try hard to lose it as soon as possible. And put our brain in some intense strain. In spite of counting macronutrients, we indulge ourselves in counting how the lesser number of pizzas we have taken.

The correct way:

See, when you have gained 100 pounds in 6 years then don’t haste to lose it in six weeks. Relief your mind and make the transformation a slow and controlled process. Plan logical mile stones like 5 pounds a month and celebrate the victory.

Here’s the kicker:

Enjoy the transformation process by disciplined “diet breaks” and you will be surprised to know the benefits of them. These breaks will help in maintaining calorie intake and give you a chance to cleanse your mental state.

That’s not all…

These small breaks sometimes even increase metabolic rate a bit. They also give you a brief vacation from your diet and rejuvenate your mind to carry the meal plan.

#5. Join the 5 percent league!


Allow us to share a shocking research result: Within three years of finishing a diet plan, 95 percent of the people regain all or more of the weight they’ve lost.

Here’s the bottom line:

To not end your fate in depressing 95% and make into the league of 5% you need to be disciplined. It’s all about patience and focus. Look for some long term diet plan rather than random fantasies. You’ll realize that changes you’ve made will help you through your life rather than just for a season.

Now it’s your turn:

You have just seen some illogical ways to do dieting and their correct counterparts…

Now it’s time to imply these principles in your routine and share your feedback.

The first step?

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