How To Prevent Acidities


Acidity is the daily problem that effect on your health and you know why the acidity occurs? Reasons are more. Sometimes when you eat more oily foods and skip the foods these are the main reasons to cause the acidity. Sometimes when you eat more than your appetite and don’t drink water too much that is why the troubles of acidities occur on regular basis. Sometimes this health problem is less but often it takes bigger role in your life and dangerously affected on your health. But it has many solutions to stop the acidity.

Tips to prevent acidities include:

Drink Water: 

This is most important that you need to drink water daily at least one or two glass of lukewarm water. Drinking water will always help to wipe out the excessive acid inside from your stomach. Even, another think that you must do it carefully that when you drink water then you should drink it slowly even, not immediately just after having you meal as it can make improper digestion. If you have been suffering from acidity always then you should drink lukewarm water on regular basis as it helps to get proper digestion and drink the lukewarm water just before going to bed for sleep and after getting up at morning.


Milk is the best home remedy that helps to prevent the gastric or acidity problems. Even, milk is rich in calcium that always stops to create acid inside your stomach as well as while acidity you should always not to drink hot milk just go for cold milk. When you eat spicy foods then you feel lots of acidity problems so, in such condition you must take a glass of cold milk just after finish your meals. This will provide you comforts and then next time you won’t have to suffer from acidity as well.

Basil Leaves: 

When you feel acidity and it is happening frequently then the first thing you must go with it that you should eat basil leaves and also chew them proper way until it become crushed by your teeth. The basic leaves contain medicinal properties that provide you immediate relief from deep acidity, nausea and gas. Another process you can do it that just boil five to six basil leaves and drink it daily to get rid of from acidity problems. The people who have been suffering from acidity always they should crush the dried basil leaves and consume with water or tea by mixing them that givefast relief.

Apple Cider Vinegar: 

To get rid of from acidity better go for Apple Cider Vinegar that is more effective and best for your many of stomach troubles with acidity too. When individual suffer from acidity badly then must mix one to two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar just with a small cup of water and drink it daily you can see the effective result so soon as you start taking it just for a week regularly. If there is no apple cider vinegar at your home then better you can take white vinegar.


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