How To Purchase Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet?


Today’s world is becoming health conscious and people are resorting to healthy running every day for healthy living. Good running practice is always paired with good shoes. You need to be very careful while purchasing running shoes because the wrong choice may harm your feet especially when you have flat feet. The current article is to guide the reader about how to purchase the best running shoes for flat feet.

Understanding your way to purchase flat feet will start with knowing the type of feet you have and its running dynamics.

What are flat feet?

Flat feet can be recognized by observing the shape of the foot arch. When you have flat feet( feet with no arch) will have a wider foot when compared to the feet of the normal person so, choosing best shoes for flat feet needs you to consider different factors when compared to normal feet.  A person may have flat feet in three different conditions, one is under development other is a progression of the age and injury to feet. Though this condition does not showcase any symptoms, people may experience some pain during jogging so, selecting a right pair of shoes is a mandate.

Running dynamics

If a person is having flat feet, they may suffer running inefficiency because of two reasons.  The ankle moves inwards the other feet and the knees try to correct this movement of the ankles causing inefficiency in running.  As a result, the person might not be able to run faster or feel uncomfortable after running a while.

Are you having flat feet?

You should first conduct flat foot test to ensure that you have a flat foot before you conduct research to find running shoes for flat feet.  You can also check these symptoms to ensure that you are a flat feet person.  You will be prone to injuries more easily, lack of stability, experiencing injuries on wearing some part of the shoes. These scenarios may compel you to undergo feet structure test to ensure you have flat feet.  You can even check your feet by making your feet wet and hold on to something that can capture your feet on something that can capture your footprint.  When it is a fund that entire sole makes a mark on the footprint holder, you are having flat feet.

Selecting the running shoes for flat feet

Running shoes are basically designed in three different categories namely overpronation, supination and neutral. People with the flat feet will experience overpronation because the feet will roll inward too much. As the result, your body will overcompensate and place an excessive stress on the ligaments, tendons, and muscles.    You are likely to develop more injury as you run a longer distance.  Running shoes designed for flat feet are designed with firm midsoles to give full support to flat feet.  The shoes will be designed for overpronation extra support keeping your flat feet comfortable while jogging.  These right shoes will minimize adverse effects on the body while jogging when you have flat feet.  The shoes you select should have thumb width of space more than the actual full size of the feet.  When you wear the shoes as a part of the trail, the middle area should have a comfortable resting place.  The wise decision is to try both the shoes before making the purchase because people with the flat feet tend to have one feet longer than the other. Make sure you give a trail of the flat file shoes before making the purchase.


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