How We Work

How Shtylm Works

We are a product review website. Our aim is to bring transparency and truth in the world of online reviews. offers detailed reviews of products trendy in the market. Product categories range from financial products and nutritional supplements to online business ideas and more.

It is seen that these categories are more prone to scams. So, it is vital to have a reliable source of reviews on them.

How we work?

Our objective is to help customers distinguish between genuine products and scam by giving them well-written, comprehensive reviews from users based on their experience and intelligence.

We offer unbiased reviews. We do not favor any product. We do not offer any form of money or favor from companies sending us their product samples for review. Nobody can ‘bribe’ us to post positive reviews for their products.

Of course, we are not into social service. We are here to make money, just like other businesses; but we make money solely from AdSense revenue, along with a socially responsible attitude of helping people.

The online truth:

Users are more likely to speak when a product does not work than when it does work.

So, you can find more negative reviews online than positive ones.

The reverse is also seen: when a user does not expect the product to work and it works amazingly well they are likely to post a thrilling review.

That’s why you can often see reviews that label a product as “the best ever” or the “the worst ever.”

Now, this makes it confusing for non-users or users-to-be to conclude whether a product is good or bad.

A single negative review or a single positive review does not make a product bad or good, respectively.

This is where we step in. We strive to give a clear picture to customers. This helps them make practical decisions and they are not carried away by overwhelming emotional responses of users.

Salient feature of transparency

  • We offer transparent reviews on products for millions of readers.
  • We provide in-depth perspective of our working style.

The above features help form a trust bond between Shtylm and our audience.

Our source of income

Initially, we made money through affiliations.

We would promote products and provide link of sales pages of the products to readers. We received a percent of the sale income.

Our criteria for reviewing a product were:

  • Products that our staff used
  • Products that genuinely benefited target customers
  • Products that were useful and 100% legitimate

As we grew, we found that the above system of reviewing showed conflicts of interest and possibility of bias.

Consequently, we decided to turn solely to AdSense as a source of income.

This is how it works:

  • Websites display AdSense code on their sites
  • The code provides ads based on search history of users, contextual information, and other information that Google has about the user
  • The website owner earns per click on the ad. It could be $20 per click or 2 cents, depending on the ad.

We do not accept money from product companies.

Do we test each product personally?

The internet features millions of products. Practically, it is impossible to test each product personally. Besides, our chief objective is not to test product, but to collect as much information as we can and dig out the truth about the product, so that we can provide genuine reviews on it.

We also aim to detect scams to prevent customers from becoming victims. This includes catching scams related to autoship programs, billing, customer care service, unauthorized charges, and defective products.

Although several products mentioned on have been personally tested by our staff, we do not guarantee that each product reviewed here is been tested individually by our staff.

We indulge in “strategic observation.” We draw information from multiple sources and do not rely on a single user experience.

You can trust us!

Often, you can find companies screaming on top of their voices about how good their product is! However, every user deserves to have a say about the product they used.

Shtylm gives them a chance to speak about a product – negative or positive. The voices are not drowned here by ambitious companies wanting to make big sales. Every voice is clear and truthful.

We promise you that:

  • We will never give you biased reviews on products.
  • We will never accept money from a company to post their product’s positive reviews, to skew a review, or to negate another product’s reviews unnecessarily.
  • Our staff will keep a check on all customer reviews posted on our site to maintain legitimacy.
  • Each review posted on goes through a ‘pre-check’ that utilizes secret qualifiers to distinguish scam reviews and real reviews.

Our ability to keep these promises has made us one of the most trusted and reputable review sites online.

Review policy

We have a policy at Shtylm. We ask the following questions to ourselves before reviewing a product:

  • Is the product information useful to our readers?
  • Does the information remove readers’ doubts about the product, tell them whatever they want to know about the product, and help them make a smart, informed purchase decision?

If we are unable to answer the above questions satisfactorily, we do not post the review on our site. We either perform more research until we get the answer, or do not post the review at all.

Our dedication, hard work, experience, honesty, and endeavor to achieve excellence in our work make us a reliable review website.