Know the Facts: Debunking Some of the Top Training Myths in the Fitness World


“Exercise should be fun otherwise, you won’t be consistent.”

Yes, and many of us are not showing up to the gym because of the superstition that gym is not a place of fun, rather is a spot of painstaking movements. Most of these myths are prevalent due to some fancy statement made by star trainers and public figures.

Somebody has truly said that fictions are fine up to the fairy tale, and they have no place in the fitness regime. These illusions have bad effects, especially on new-gym joiners as they are next to impossible to practice in the regular routine.

In addition to this, these folk tales drastically reduce transformation enthusiasts’ motivation and make them away from hitting their goal. Seeing this plight, we have decided to debunk some of the famous myths in the bodybuilding industry and reveal  truth behind them.

#1. Cardio is Best for Cutting Fat


Many of us think that lifting weights are great for building or maintaining muscle mass, and for the same, we have to sweat day and night in the gym, right?


Cardio is not that essential for weight loss, but it may help. Experts say that weight loss or gain depends on the equation: calorie burn > calorie intake. And cardio exercises can help only to the point, they fit into this equation.

Adding them to your routine can definitely help you to swing your energy balance (calorie in versus out), but not effective in comparison to eating fewer calories. Again, it’s all about the calorie count. (Hmmm!)

#2. Fasted or Semi Fasted Cardio is best for Fat Loss


“It is easier to attack fat stores after a nap of 8 hours (no meals in between) which means doing cardio in the semi-fast or fast state is the ultimate secret of fat loss.”


This is not the actual case: researches show that as long as your energy balance of your meal plan is parallel with your goals (i.e. your calorie burn is more than your intake), weight loss is more or less same. Therefore, fasting or eating before doing cardio has nothing to do with fat loss. (Oh!)

#3. Moderate Weights and High Reps Helps you Tone

Yes, this is the most famous fantasy outspoken by so called- gym professionals. It has also been fantasized via media that toning muscle means just muscular definition and shape, and following that trend often results in a wider hulk-like physique.

Truth behind the same:

The real thing is muscle growth and reducing body fat percentage to show off- the real development. The preferable way to achieve the same is- hypertrophy training which is basically a lean muscle building.

This lean muscle training emphasizes on progressively overloading your muscle and challenging them- more and more over time along with eating on a higher side to support that growth.


After reaching to that position, all you need to do is send yourself to a calorie deficit regime to shed excess fat. See, it’s simpler than those intense painstaking weight reps. (wow!)

#4. Yoga Will Get You Ripped

“In theory, practice and theory are the same. In practice, they are not.”

Yes and it is same with Yoga; electronic and digital media have hyped it as a one stop solution for almost everything including a chiseled body. Testimonies of stars further add a truth to this superstition.

Here’s the reality:

The most important fact proving Yoga as a non burning exercise is its noninvolvement of oxygen. Further, in comparison to weight exercises, it’s less stimulating regarding muscle growth.

However, you can achieve a ripped frame while doing Yoga, but on the condition that you are fasting. It is though helpful in promoting mindful eating which can be helpful in fitness, but as far as ripped body is concerned- it’s not that handy.

#5. Run like “Usain Bolt” to get in the Shape

Wow, Bolt has such a gorgeous body!

I am sure, many of us might have gone gaga over the ripped body of Bolt and have already accepted running, as the absolute secret for the- sculpted body.

Truth behind this Myth:

Remember adaptation?

Yes, your body adapts exercises like running and become efficient by the course of time, resulting in fewer calories burn. It’s all depend on your goal, if you want to be able to run 5 miles without breaking a sweat, then you are most welcome to run. However, it’s irrelevant in a long-term transformation process.

#6. “All-or-nothing Approach” is the only solution for Winners


“Unless you work out an hour a day or five days a week, you are not going to achieve those amazing abs.”

Yes, this is the most dangerous myth which prohibits people from attending training sessions. It directly attacks on the motivational level of new joiners or those who are making their mind for joining the health club.


Don’t believe in this “All-or-Nothing Approach”, at all. The reality is just opposite; research shows that merely exercising a little has enormous benefits (consistency is better than causation).

That’s not all:

If you believe in some studies, a half hour walk three or more times a week significantly reduces the risk of heart and stroke, lowers blood pressure, relieves stress and boosts your energy and immune system. (Amazing, huh!)


Hmmm, so these are some prevalent traditions in our fitness industry, which are not allowing transformation enthusiasts to move forward. These are some mental blockages which are making fun exercises- a complex thing. Having said that, we are not denying the fact that above-mentioned exercises or training habits are a total bad, but practicing them as a hard and fast rule is also not correct. We have to just use our common sense and some research for tracking the optimal way. Please do comment and subscribe our website for more interesting facts and trends, and don’t forget to share this post on your network.


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