Lose Weight in the Quickest Time


10 Incredible Principles to Lose Weight in the Quickest Time

Losing weight is cumbersome.

Losing extra lbs without calorie deficit at first instinct is even more difficult.

But when you can do both?

That’s when you can slap a giant “S” on your chest…

…Because you’ll be unstoppable.

And today we have something that will make you feel like you have weight loss superpowers:

10 insanely actionable weight losing techniques that you can use right now:

Use Intermittent Fasting to Make Your Fat More Consumed

What comes to your mind, when the Karwachauth (a Hindu fast) or the Ramadan is mentioned?

Yes, observing fast is the first thing which flashes in our mind after hearing these sacred days. And you will be surprised to know that observing fast is the best of the techniques to lose extra weight from your body and that too in the quickest time.

How does it work?

Sure, a fast is of the different type depending upon the stretch of time. An intermittent fast is usually of 8-hour duration during which you have to abstain from any kind of food. (Oh!)

Once you observe the same; the body automatically starts consuming the fats stored in the body to cope the situation of starvation and your excess obesity is removed resulting in a weight loss. (Wow!)

Apart from cutting surplus, it helps in improving insulin sensitivity and allows you to eat more diverse food during your feeding time. But for a long term, it’s not a healthy technique as it takes a toll on hormones (especially women).

Add Carb Cycle in Your Eating Habit to Slash Fatness

Wait! What is this Carb Cycle?

Oh, it’s not a rocket science; just a calculated caloric intake during the training or non-training periods. It’s a rotation of your carbs consumption during the light cardio day or a heavy exercising day.

This smart weight loss tip works by blunting fat junctions on relaxing days and at the same time recovers the muscle glycogen in a super compensated way. It also fights at the time of the metabolic crash because of low-calorie diets and maintains a positive feeding signal throughout the body.

Can you give me a rough calculation?

Of course, you have to eat your targeted carbs (as per your nutritionist) on your training days and near about 50 percent less of the normal intake during the resting days. If we believe on Crandall; it is 1200 calories for women and 1500 for men on relaxing days, with slightly more on high-carb days.

Perform Drop Sets to Drop Your Fat Level

This method was discovered in 1947 by Henry Atkins (an editor of the Body Culture Magazine). This is a fat losing technique where a person performs an exercise (usually weight training) and then subsequently reduce the bars and continue for more reps until reaches to failure. (Amazing!)

This multi-poundage system creates a greater post-exercise metabolic response by tearing into the muscle glycogen. A great tip for reducing the fat level in a shorter period of time.

Note: Use it wisely and don’t try to do too many of sets on a low-carb day.

Make Your Meal Plan Mindless

Always be honest yourself and know your capacity!

Yes, you need not have to set a high standard in the meal plan which could set you back. Just stick to an optimal meal plan and ditch your habits of weighing foods to the gram level at the gym.

It’s as simple as 123; just pull a day from your week, say Sunday and prepare and portion all your food in the kitchen corner. Now, you need not have to bother about your meal plan for the entire week as you know that it’s just an arm away. (Great!)

Supplement Yourself with L-Carnitine to Cater Obesity

A good news for all vegetarians or semi-vegans as there is a product called “L-Carnitine” which helps in fat loss. Yes, it is a handy supplement for those who recommend taking low carnitine intake from meats.

Oh, really?

Yes, when coupled with exercise, this carnitine dose can boost the activity of the beta-oxidation pathway or in simple words increases the body’s fat-burning potential. It stimulates the fat loss and at the same time improves energy level and focus.

Perform Compound Supersets to Decrease Extra Pounds

Many of us especially beginners plunge into a full body workout design and include intense regimes for quick results. Though they are good too but what if there is a better alternative?

Yes, Compound Supersets are the best options. Pairing two exercises back to back like a bench and squat, you can achieve many more muscle fibers in a shorter period of time. The best part of this exercise is that you’ll continue to burn the calories even after the workout.

Master the Energy Balance Equation

Calories consumed should be less than calories burned!

Yes, fat-loss response best when above equation is followed to its best. But, what about the deficit? This is where an exercise like cardio comes to balance the routine.

For example: If you do 18-20 sets of steady state cardio in a session and manages to perform a high-intensity cardio of 90 sec in between each set then it will balance your routine in a proper way.

Get Your Omega in Order

Yes, this first oil supplement is not unique or new to the weight loss. Studies have revealed that omega fatty acid supplementation is beneficial irrespective of your physique goal.

A good omega 3/6/9 blend containing CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid) is best for weight loss. You can further pair 1000 mg of CLA with the omega fats for optimal results. They are not only helpful in cutting fats but are crucial for enhancing the overall health.

Dial-In Form:

As we move closer and closer towards our ideal body fat count; the stamina level may shake due to the accumulated energy deficit. It might happen that we would not be able to sustain as much volume as we use to do in our earlier days.

So should we slack in our workouts?

Absolutely not! You are not allowed to do any cheating in reps at this crucial juncture as this is the point where you need to concentrate harder on perfecting your form. All you need to is just focus on each muscle contraction and isolate the working muscle group.

By doing this you can extract maximum benefits from each working set and this makes a lower volume workout much more effective.

Skip A Day:

We definitely don’t want to escape our workout sessions on a regular basis. But a full day rest can be profitable for your body. Listen to your body, if it’s aching due to overloads of pumping in the gym and there is a discomfort; it’s time for a full day rest.

Points to remember:

  • No matter, how much you’re trying hard to get a lean and strong body; an adequate rest is an integral part of the weight losing process.
  • Your workout session will not be productive; in fact, will harm you if you are not feeling great.

Now it’s your turn:

You have just seen the 10 best ways to lose the weight quickly…

Now it’s time to imply these tips in your daily life and share your feedback.

The first step?

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