Top Workouts For Astonishing Abs That Will Make You A Celebrity Among Your Peers


Salman has six pack abs.

Shahrukh is one step ahead with 8 packs.

But have you ever wondered how these sexy abs are built?

That’s when your mind will pose a big question mark…

…Because you’ll get as many pieces of advice as you consult more people.

So to avoid the bombarding, we’ve handpicked 5 best-proven abs exercises for you which will tempt you to give a try.

Today, we have something that will make you feel that you have got ultimate secrets of making drop-dead-gorgeous abs:

#1. Do abdominal hold for bold abs:


Most of the people don’t do it because they don’t want their roommates or peers to catch them in the wired position that appears as if they’re exerting pressure on Italian toilet for potty.

However, it is much more beneficial:

Because once you manage to overcome this awkwardness and perform this phenomenal exercise then the same friends will be gobsmacked by your bold and stellar abs. After doing this exercise, you’ll be able to slip into the bathing suit as your paunch will become the matter of yesterdays.

Steps to perform:

  • Position yourself tall on the edge of a strong chair and place your hands on the corner with fingers pointing towards the knee.
  • Lift your butts off the chair and toes from the floor (2-4 inches) plus tighten your abs at the same time.
  • Remain in this position as per your capacity- try to sustain for 5-10 seconds.
  • Get back to the first pose and re-iterate the same.
  • Continue the same for 1 minute.

Easy huh!

#2. Punch some sexy abs on your stomach with side Crunch

Remember Jennifer Lopez flaunting flat abs in the crop top?

Yes, and do you know the secret of her gorgeous abs- crunches. Though crunches are always synonymous with the toned belly but to achieve abs like Lopez you need some advanced crunch- side crunch.

Here’s the bottom-line:

Starting from the core benefits, side crunch improves your balance by strengthening your abdominal muscles which in turn improves your posture and consequently, a healthy posture helps you function efficiently in everyday life plus prevents back & muscle injury, at the same time.


  • Kneel on the floor all way over to your right side with right palm placed on the floor.
  • Accommodate your weight balance and gently extend your left leg and point your toes.
  • Now place your left hand behind your head, pointing your elbow toward the ceiling.
  • Next, slowly lift your leg up to hip height as you extend your arm above your leg, with the palm facing forward.
  • Look out over your hand while bringing the left side of your rib cage toward your hip
  • Switch back to your original position and repeat 6-8 times.
  • Do 2 sets of 6-8 reps, and then switch sides.

#3. Include Opposite Arm and Leg raise in your routine for balanced abs


This flying kind of pose will make you fly with alluring abs but at the same time keep you balanced. Apart from making your belly toned, this exercise makes you feel longer, steadier, and seriously balanced.

Starting Position:

  • Position yourself on ground by bringing your all fours; legs beneath your hip and wrists below your shoulders.

Do it:

  • Now, raise your left arm up to shoulder height and left leg up to hip respectively.
  • Hold for 2 counts, reaching forward with your fingers and back with your heels.
  • Next, repeat this workout with opposite side.
  • Perform 15-20 reps, alternating sides.
  • For advanced raise, try to touch knee with your elbow at the time of bringing back arm and leg in.

Amazing huh!

#4. Add prone plank to your routine for flexible abs

Do you want to have a super simple, do-anywhere exercise for abs?

Yes, the prone plank is the answer to your question; it helps in building your inner core muscles that lay the background for- six pack abs. In addition to this, planks work for back pain and surprisingly increase the flexibility in the posterior muscle groups.

But here’s the kicker:

It improves the mood by stretching the muscles that often become stiff and tensed due to prolonged sitting. Last but not the least, prone planks helps in improving balance and posture by engaging abs.

Steps to do it:

  • Get into a full push pose with your palms on your floor beneath your shoulders.
  • Hold on to this position for 30 seconds contracting abs and extends your legs and arms. Make sure to align your head in parallel with spine.
  • Once your strength is build, try to hold this position longer up to 1 minute.
  • Advanced version: Give a try to one-arm stable switching plank.


#5. Catch up with “The Kobra” for sexy abs

“Even if a snake is not poisonous, it should pretend to be venomous!”

Yes, this exercise should not be less taken than any lying-down exercises as it will make you feel lengthening rib cage. Apart from beautiful abs, they help in building firm and toned buttocks. That’s not all, Kobra exercise improves digestion and strengthen the spine also.

How to do it?

  • Lie face-down on the floor with your palm placed near your chest.
  • Lift your head, shoulders, and chest off the floor, pulling your shoulder blades down and together.
  • Hold for 2 counts and then lower back down. (repeat 8-10 times)
  • Advanced version: try lifting your thighs and hips off the floor.


Now it’s your turn:

You have just seen the amazing ways of doing exercises to make phenomenal abs and that too at home as well.

Now it’s time to imply these tips in your routine and share your feedback.

The first step?

Write your comments in the comment box below and do not forget to share this post on your network


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