Women Who Smoke More Likely


Smoking is injurious to health that we know everyone and while buying the cigarette bunch in packets it is always written on the cover that smoking cigarette is injurious to health but how many follow this rule. Then also it is being sold and the smokers are still smoking constantly and it doesn’t effect at all. But when you will read this article then of course you will try to reduce your smoking or you will quit it. Mostly in women it is found that the women who smoke heavily they have more chances to get colon cancer risk than men and it is true absolutely.

Smoking heavily increasing the risk of colon cancer in women and men both though, the women are mostly affected by smoking as it researched in new study.

As the research is done by the experts’ team members from the University of Tromso in Norway as well as it has been also published in Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention. The researchers found that the women are heavier numbers of smokers than men and they get the bigger risk of colon cancer.
In study it is found that women who actually smoke up to 10 cigarettes per day they have greater risks for colon cancer. In one of the data and study it is researched that the women who are habituated of smoking badly it’s also affect their lifestyle and they have worst lifestyle and no means to the world even, they are completely involved in their world.

More than 14 years around the 4,000 people have been suffering from colon cancer and they are the heavy smokers and women are in this list of colon cancers list. Around 19 percent of women get the risk of colon cancer.

Colon cancer is the smoking related health risk problem that is caused by heavier smoking and mostly it is found in women who smoke more than men and this recently this problem occurs and last year the WHO or World Health Organization cancer research institute IARC mentioned that there is difference between bowel cancer and smoking and how it affected women while heavily smoking by them.

Colon cancer is the disease that occurs in women while they smoke so badly so, better for the women as they can reduce their smoking if they are heavy smokers even, not only the colon cancers they have to suffer while pregnancy they can face a lot of problems too. The unborn baby is also affected by mothers’ smoking and the time of delivering the babies any serious problems can occur with the women.

So, better for every women to quit the cigarette but is they think that to overcome from the stress and tensions of their daily works they are necessary to smoke then they can but in very less numbers they can smoke lightly just once or twice in day not more. But if you would like to quit the smoking but it will take time so, you can take the time to leave smoking at all.


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